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There's now been new changes once again and the group is going to be placed under new ownership. I've greatly enjoyed being a founder of this group but just like everything else in the world, as time moves on people change and so do their interests. So I've thought long and hard about this and have decided I'm no longer interested in keeping care of this group any longer.

When I first created this group I was excited about it because I was right into making dress up dolls all the time, but in the last year I haven't made that many dress up dolls and though I still love them, I'm not as passionate about them as I used to be.

But with all the members new and old, I'd hate to see this end, which is why I've decided to make my co-founder :iconladyaquanine73551: as Founder. I will be discontinuing on being admin to this group. LadyAquanine73551 has done a wonderful job at keeping track of this group, better than I ever have so I'm happy to know my group isn't going to go to waist.

Any comments or concerns please direct to her and don't hesitate to contact the group

Thank you

(now demoting to co-founder for a short bit)
My heart is with the victim's families of the tragedy of June 4 - June 6 2014 when three RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) were gunned down by a lunatic. I am from the city it all happened and it's mind boggling.
Summer is now upon us and I thought to say a few words. Thank you for all those who helped me keep this group clean. Things have greatly calmed down since Feb.

Though there is one thing I would like to remind people of. The gallery for OCs, which I have changed names, is based for fanfics and rps people may have created for original characters they've created. I can however, make a new gallery based for non fanfiction and rps

Have a great summer!
I'm getting sick and tired of this.

Dress up dolls are premade dolls where you can change their clothes from already premade clothes.

Woman Base 3 by JayCookie1997 - this is not a dress up doll as it's a drawn "doll" on the computer. If you have to draw in their clothes, hair, and color it then it's not a dress up doll.

Anything that isn't will be removed and it will continued to be removed and if it keeps up I will remove the "auto" button where it will require a vote and if the request isn't a dress up doll then I will decline it and state "this is not a dress up doll"

I don't wish to do that but some of your are leaving me choice.

If you don't know what a dress up doll is go here. here are some examples...

already any pictures submitted that don't match the criteria of the group have already been removed
Before you think, no this group is not a Super group. But we are currently switching things around to be more organized and more attractive looking so watch for new galleries to put your dolls.

The "Feature" folder has now been disabled so you must submit your dolls in the right gallery. There is a gallery for dolls you're not sure of and it will be up to the admins to either leave your doll in this gallery or it be moved. There should be a doll placed in "Various Dolls" if the doll belongs to Game of Thrones. There is a gallery for it, please submit to it

Be aware if the doll doesn't match the requirement for this gallery, it will be refused.

In the "Feature" Gallery, you will see submissions by the Admins on different happenings.

Thank you and continue to enjoy this group like you have the past year. I love the different looks people are coming up with

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